Americans Are Willing to Live with a Ghost, According to Survey

In the most hair-raising housing market the country’s ever seen, Americans aren’t spooked by the prospect of living with things that go bump in the night.

According to’s annual Halloween survey, ghostly happenings and nightmarish neighbors are all fair game if it means being able to afford their dream home in the current market.

The survey of 2,583 U.S. adults, conducted online in Sept. 2021 by HarrisX, found that Americans are willing to live not only with a ghost, but also with other ghoulish going-ons.

Almost one third (30%) would be willing to live with a friendly ghost.

Twenty percent would live in a home where a murder has taken place.

17% would live in a haunted house, and that jumps to 46% if they’re able to get the haunted home at a discounted price.

Plus, they’re willing to have nightmarish neighbors, with 30% of survey respondents saying they would live next to a cemetery, while one quarter (25%) say they would live next door to a haunted house.

“In today’s ultra-competitive housing market, buyers are looking for a break,” said Deputy News Editor Clare Trapasso. “The majority are willing to consider homes that are rumored to be haunted, especially if they can get these properties at a discount. Nearly half of those surveyed would live in a haunted house if they can get a good discount, which to many buyers is more than half off of the market price.”

Those looking to buy in the next 12 months are even more open to living with spooky spirits, especially if that means they can get their new home for less.

63% are willing to live in a haunted house at a discounted price, with most looking for a discount that’s more than 20% off market price.

Americans are also open to living in a home where a murder has taken place, but they’re looking for a discount here too.

Three quarters (75%) say they’d require a discount to buy a home where someone was murdered, with most (69%) wanting more than 10% off market price.

Some want even more money off: one quarter (24%) would need a discount of more than 50% to buy a home where someone was murdered.

For those willing to live in creepy quarters, they’ll be in good company.

Almost one third (30%) of Americans say they’ve lived in a house they believed was haunted.

Fifty-four percent of those looking to sell their home within the next 12 months have lived in a house they believed was haunted.

Buyers should look out for spooky signs before they move in.

About one quarter (27%) of Americans who’ve lived in a house they believe was haunted say they learned the house was haunted before moving in (and still moved in), while 73% only learned the house was haunted after moving in.

Mostly, they believe their house was haunted due to strange noises (58%), the feel of certain rooms (44%) and shadows (42%). Other reasons include feeling touched (37%), pet behavior (37%), items moving (35%), hot/cold spots (34%), ghost sightings (33%), lights turning on/off (31%) and levitating objects (12%).

“Homebuyers who are concerned about a home’s past should be sure to ask questions and do some research before they buy a new house. Only a few states require sellers to inform house hunters if someone died on the property. Some people who find themselves living in a home they believe to be haunted turn to specialists — like paranormal investigators, spiritual healers, and even church-sanctioned religious leaders,” said Trapasso.

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