High-Impact Giving, on Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday today. Before you give, make sure that the organizations you are doing the most good with your gift.

ImpactMatters, a startup dedicated to helping donors identify high-impact nonprofits, has launched its new nonprofit ratings service. The ratings are designed to guide donors to nonprofits that make the most effective use of donor contributions to advance their missions.

The ratings are being launched ahead of Giving Tuesday (December 3rd) in order to help participants in the annual online giving event make informed decisions about which nonprofits should receive their contributions.

Last year, Giving Tuesday donations totaled more than $400 million.

Little information is currently available to donors seeking to understand how their donations are utilized and which nonprofits make the most effective use of each dollar contributed.

While the major nonprofit rating systems, such as Charity Navigator, do a strong job of rating on measures such as transparency, ImpactMatters goes beyond these conventional measures to rate explicitly on impact, highlighting organizations that are highly cost-effective at achieving their mission.

In addition to its ratings, ImpactMatters offers users an Impact Calculator that allows donors to see how their donation amount will impact the beneficiary and Giving Guides that showcase the most effective nonprofits by geographic region and cause.

ImpactMatters was founded in 2015 by a Yale professor of economics and finance and his student. The organization gathers publicly available information and designs algorithms to estimate a nonprofit’s cost-effectiveness.

Based on these estimates, and a set of organizational governance checks, a rating of 1-5 stars is awarded.

With over 1,000 nonprofits rated to date, ImpactMatters is the first nonprofit ratings agency to achieve rigor at scale. The organization is backed by leading philanthropic foundations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Mulago Foundation and the Goldsmith Foundation.

Explore the nonprofit ratings and more on the ImpactMatters website impactmatters.org:

  • Search for a specific nonprofit or filter nonprofits by cause, program type or beneficiaries served.
  • Calculate the impact of a donation.
  • Find top nonprofits in eight cause areas: health, water, hunger, homelessness, education, climate change, veterans and poverty.
  • Explore highly rated nonprofits in your city with our local giving guides.

ImpactMatters is a nonprofit ratings agency that helps donors find high-impact giving opportunities. Find out more at www.impactmatters.org/

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