Giving the Gift of Utility

There’s a novel new option for gift-giving in the land this holiday season — one that’s even more practical than a toaster.

Consumers Energy, a Michigan power utility, has created a way for people to give its customers the gift of energy this holiday season.

That’s right, you now have the option of paying someone’s utility bills as a holiday present.

Consumers suggests that this gift would be a perfect way to support service clubs, charitable organizations and emergency responders such as fire and police departments – but they also recommend these Gifts of Energy, for those in need.

We agree that this is a great idea for gifting organizations that must run themselves on right budgets. But what about giving this gift to a friend or family member? It’s an intriguing idea.

After all, most of us find ourselves feeling a little cash-strapped after the holidays. We may have a wallet full of gift cards to redeem – but most those things won’t help us pay the bills. Truth be told, many of us would really like some help paying the bills after engaging in holiday spending.

So, would this be a good gift to consider? Be careful, since many people would be insulted by such a gift – not matter how practical it is. You’re basically suggesting that someone is having problems paying their most basic expenses.

Therefore, we’d have to say “proceed with great caution” on a gift like this. It’s too bad, really, since this Gift of Energy would really come in handy come January.

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