The Dangers of Giving Puppies as Christmas Presents, from Innovet Pet

In their recently released Christmas-inspired blog, Innovet Pet warns pet owners about the dangers of giving someone a puppy as a gift.

Innovet says a puppy can often be too much of a responsibility for someone, especially when the person isn’t expecting it.

This just doesn’t make it hard on the new dog owner, but the puppy as well, who could end up suffering in a shelter.

In the blog, Innovet gives some helpful tips for those looking to make someone’s Christmas a special day with a new puppy

1. Know the receiver of the gift’s schedule and lifestyle, and that both can handle a dog.

2. Understand that a puppy can only hold their bladder for one hour per month of age and that working full time and balancing a young dog is extremely difficult.

3. Strongly consider taking the dog yourself if the person can’t handle them.

4. If looking to give your kids a puppy present, make sure you’re prepared to handle all the responsibilities, especially if the kids are under age 12.

5. Last, consider getting the person essential supplies like a crate or food bowls instead of a dog, then offer to help the person find their new pup.

Innovet Pet says that in most cases, it’s better to hold off giving someone a puppy as a Christmas gift.

That when you handle the idea with care and caution, you’re setting both the puppy and their new mommy or daddy up for success. For help with that new puppy, you can visit for essential tips to caring for them and products that specialize in personalized care. 

About Innovet Pet — Innovet Pet ( attributes their success as the number 1 pet CBD company in the world because of their focus on the customer.

Innovet Pet is guided by their four principles: quality products at affordable prices, communication with customers through customer service and social media, transparency by providing lab-tested results on the products and website, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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