Give the Gift of Credit Union

This year, when friends and family gather around for holiday cheer, offer them the gift of credit union bliss.

We don’t mean that you should open everyone a checking account or anything — just that you might spend a few minutes spreading the good news about credit unions.

After all, it is the time for New Year’s resolutions. A popular resolution involves getting one’s financial life in better shape, and putting a real savings plan into effect. CUs are idea places to make both of these things happen.

Does a friend or loved one have a high interest auto loan? Let them know that their local CU can help them re-finance that loan at a lower rate, with better terms.

Are they interested in saving more for emergencies and retirement? Tell them that CU personnel give the personal touch, and will sit down with them to make a realistic plan – all without a profit motive.

Which brings us to the biggest point: CUs are member-owned, not-for-profit, community-based cooperatives.

In other words, they are places to bank that share your values. So, why not inject a little CU cheer into your holiday? Spread the love.

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