Technology Execs Giddy About Future of Industry

Technology elites are more optimistic about the future of the U.S. technology industry than the general public are, and more optimistic about the incoming Trump administration’s likely impact on the industry, according to a new report from public relations firm Burson-Marsteller.

The Burson-Marsteller Age of Trump Technology Policy Survey found that 76 percent of technology elites say the U.S. technology industry’s best days are still to come compared 59 percent of the general public, and 59 percent believe the incoming Trump administration will be favorable to the technology industry, compared to 50 percent of the general public.

These technology elites are individuals who either work in technology or invest in the technology sector.

Continuing in this optimistic vein, 73 percent of the elites believe the technology industry will contribute to job creation, and 73 percent say that innovation is critical to the U.S.’s position in the global economy and the technology industry is going in the right direction to maintain that.

Overall, 52 percent of technology elites believe the country is going in the right direction compared to 27 percent of the general public.

Now that’s interesting, since the majority of people who voted for Trump believe that the economy is on the wrong track.

It just shows that these tech elites are an unusually optimistic bunch.

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