Four Steps to Credit Union Bliss

Joining a credit union has never been easier. Almost everyone is eligible, and the benefits of joining are immediate:

1 Join a CU in your area. It’s easy, and almost everyone is eligible.

That’s right, you can probably join a credit union in your area today. It’s as easy as opening a checking account, and you’ll be a member (and part owner) of a CU — the not-for-profit alternative to the big banks.

This tool makes it easy to find a CU in your area CUlookup

2 Save on fees. CUs typically have lower fees than banks.

CUs typically have lower fees than banks on a range of things, from checking accounts to overdraft fees. These savings can add up through the course of a year, so start taking advantage of them today!

3 Get better deals on loans. CUs have some of the lowest rates on loans.

Want the lowest rate on an auto loan? Look to your local CU! You would be surprised at how much lower your monthly payment can be vs. the rate you get at an auto dealer, or a big bank. If you already have an auto loan, your CU might be able to refinance it into a new loan with better terms and a lower-monthly payment. Just ask

CUs also offer great rates on personal loans and credit cards.

4 Personalize your finances. Your CU is ready to help you build a financial plan.

As we said, CUs are not-for-profit. You can trust the people at your CU to put YOUR interests first, and help you come up with a financial plan that works for you.

This might include consolidating your high-interest credit card debt into a low interest loan. It might include a personalized savings plan, or a workable monthly budget.

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