Father’s Day Tip: Dads Like Gadgets

If you’re doing some last-minute Father’s Day shopping, make your life easier by choosing a gift that will be sure to put a smile on Dad’s face.

According to survey results from technology protection firm Asurion, 45% of dads want a tech device for Father’s Day. A whopping 63% of those surveyed are hoping to get an upgrade of something they already own.

Asurion found that the item Dads wanted was a most mobile phone, with 21% indicating that as a first choice. Other top contenders included a tablet/eReader (19%), a home theater/sound system (19%) and a computer or laptop (15%).

Interestingly, the company also found that more than 80% of families plan to spend up to $250 on dad this Father’s Day. Within that figure you can surely find a lot of good options, (though full-featured laptops and tablets would be tough to find at that price).

Of course, while Dad may yearn for techie gadgets, there are many thoughtful ways to mark Father’s Day that don’t involve wizzy tech gizmos, bits/bytes – or even money. Always remember: the things he’ll treasure most come from the heart.


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