Will 2017 Be The Year of the Family-Friendly Company?

Workers are clamoring for a more family-friendly workplace, and employers have really started to respond, a new report from staffing firm OfficeTeam finds.

OfficeTeam surveyed human resources (HR) managers recently, and found that nearly half (49%) of employers are taking baby steps toward becoming more family-friendly.

But, what does it mean to be a “family friendly” workplace?

When employees were asked which family-friendly perk would have the greatest impact on their decision to join a company, the clear winner was flexible hours (79 percent).

Other family-friendly policies include the having option of telecommuting, a maternity/paternity leave policy, a childcare program and adoption benefits.

Sixty-eight percent of HR managers said their organization provides this option. Respondents identified a maternity/paternity leave policy (79 percent) as the most common employer offering.

Having 49% of employers polled say they are moving toward having these policies is a big step. But we need to move further – to 60%, 75% or 90%. Let’s hope that 2017 brings real progress.

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