Eyeglasses for a “Digital Focused Audience”

We now spend a lot of our time focused on things (computers, mobile devices) less than two feet away — and this can lead to eyestrain. A new type of glasses aims to address this “digital age” problem.

A company called Essilor has designed what it calls Eyezen glasses, which the company bills as “millennials’ greatest defense against the eyestrain that comes with the constant connection to digital devices.”

The glasses offer magnification in the lower portion of the lens to help alleviate eyestrain often caused by viewing text and small screens on devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Eyezen glasses are also designed to selectively filter the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital devices.

The company is currently offering spectacle lenses only, but promises to launch an exclusive frame collection in the coming months. The eyewear will be available with or without a prescription.

Find out more here. You can also find the company on Twitter @EyezenUSA and Facebook.com/EyezenUSA.

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