Gift Giving Safety Tips from Safe Eyes America

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, our focus is often trying to find “the one gift” we think will bring a smile to a child. Too often, eye safety isn’t on our minds, but it needs to be.

Here are some eye safety tips for the whole family from Safe Eyes America to keep your holidays happy…

Three Gift Giving Eye Safety Tips

Make sure that toys are age appropriate and think about potential accidents from falls with sharp objects as well as spinning props or toys that are thrown.

Toys that shoot things (foam darts, arrows, paintballs, air rifle pellets, or BBs) all require constant adult supervision. The eyes are delicate and precious and projectile injuries can and do cause blinding injuries far too often.

Children (and adults) often get carried away during play and warnings not to shoot at anybody are quickly forgotten. Kids come up with all kinds of plans (often posted on tik-tok) to up the fun while taking out the safety. 

Toy guns of all types can be far more powerful and dangerous than you think.  Ricochets and accidental shots happen.

Issue absolute rules, use safety glasses even when they seem like over-kill, recognize that the supervision has to be 100% of the time, and be prepared for strict enforcement of the rules to keep everyone safe.

Make sure that children (and adults) open packages carefully. Knives and scissors used to open boxes and plastic should always be used pointed away and never up to avoid accidents to the face and eyes. 

For more tips and information to keep your eyes safe not only during the Holidays, but throughout the year visit the web site:

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