Essential Oils Can Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Rather than turning to your go-to chocolates, flowers or conversation hearts, why not match a pure essential oil with your Valentine this year? Health and wellness company doTERRA – a seller of essential oils – is offering a gift guide to five particular essential oils:

Passion Inspiring Blend

Is there someone that makes you feel giddy inside? Do “sparks fly” when they walk into the room? Try diffusing doTERRA Passion Inspiring Blend during your romantic dinner to kindle feelings of excitement, passion and joy.

Passion is enriched with combinations of spices and herb essential oils.

Jasmine Touch

Perhaps you’re feeling like flowers are overrated or maybe it’s just because you forgot to buy a dozen roses before they were all sold out at your local flower shop. Don’t worry, doTERRA Jasmine Touch has your back.

Shy away from the ritual and gift the euphoric aroma that uplifts mood and promotes a positive outlook. Regarded as the “King of Flowers,” Jasmine is prized for its highly fragrant aroma, so who needs flowers anyways?

Rose Oil

True love can be a fairy tale, right ladies? Planning the perfect Galantines can be the best way to let go of your unrequited love story and move on.

Add doTERRA Rose Essential Oil or Rose Touch to your ladies’ night and bask in its blooming floral fragrance to bring feeling of love, care, and comfort. It’s better than hugging a teddy bear.


Take the stress out of Valentine’s Day by personalizing your heartfelt note to someone you admire with the gift of doTERRA Sandalwood Essential Oil. Its sweet, woody aroma has been highly valued for centuries. Who needs jewelry when you have this oil?

Ylang Ylang

Make Valentine’s Day about you and your own wellness. With doTERRA Ylang Ylang Essential Oil you can finish off the day right at a tropical aromatherapy spa in your own home. Ylang Ylang essential oil, made from the star-shaped flower of a tropical tree is used extensively in making perfumes and in aromatherapy.

Ylang Ylang is also used to lessen tension and stress and to promote a positive outlook.

This one is for you.

If you feel like the options above might be playing hard to get this year, check out these fantastic alternatives: Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss, Lavender, Elevation, and doTERRA Serenity.

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