Drug Companies Try to Deflect Blame for High Prices, Fail

Consumers continue to hold drug companies responsible for high drug prices and out-of-pocket costs despite efforts by the industry to deflect blame, a new survey finds.

The survey, from the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, finds most voters blame drug companies not only for high drug prices, but also for out-of-pocket costs.

PCMA said that the findings undermine the drug industry’s $100 million PR campaign to blame higher costs on employers, unions, health plans and the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) they use to negotiate discounts on prescription drugs.

North Star Opinion Research surveyed 1,000 registered voters nationwide, and found that

  • By almost 3-to-1, voters blame high drug prices for increased cost-sharing.
  • Only 1-in-5 voters buy the drugmakers’ “rebates cause high prices” message.
  • Three-quarters of voters say the cost of prescription drugs is too high.
  • More than 4-of-5 voters with prescription drug coverage are satisfied with it.

So much for the industry’s efforts to deflect blame onto others.

PCMA is the national association representing America’s pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).

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