Don’t Pollute Your Pores

A new skin cream promises to keep harmful pollutants from entering your pores and ruining your complexion.

Developed by startup company Aqua+ Skincare, this cream is designed to counteract the effects of pollution while providing nourishment, hydration, and anti-oxidizing properties.

Aqua+ Skincare points out that polluted city air is full of PM 2.5 – which is fine particulate matter that is small enough to enter the pores of your skin.

Skin pores are about 40 – 50 micrometers, almost 20 times larger than the smog, dirt and dust in the air, the company said.

These particles of pollution stick to the skin, causing an imbalance in pH levels and preventing the skin’s protective barrier from adequately retaining moisture.

Aqua+ Skincare said that its all-natural cream prevent this damage from occurring.

Great, so now we need sunscreen and anti-pollution cream whenever we go outside. What a world we live in.

Sure, your face feels as dirty as a subway bench after a day in the city. But who knew that a good washing wasn’t good enough?

Aqua+ Skincare should nonetheless be commended for battling this problem that most of us have been blissfully unaware of.

You can find out more about Aqua+ Skincare at , or on the company’s kickstarter page.

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