Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

The old saying, “sleep tight; don’t let the bedbugs bite” can be taken literally when traveling. This is because bedbugs have made a big comeback in recent years, and they particularly seem to enjoy hotel mattresses.

You might need to bring some bug spray on your next trip.

Pacific Shore Holdings wants it to be one of their all-natural Nature-Cide insecticides, pesticides and repellent products.

Company CEO and inventor Matthew Mills offers a 2 oz, 2 oz twin pack and 8 oz travel bed bug spray options that he promises are stain-free and have a pleasant aroma. The formulation of Nature-Cide bed bug spray includes clove and cotton seed oils.

You can use them to “treat” your hotel room before laying down on the mattress. Find out more at or call 818-998-0996.

Mills offers the following tips for travelers:

  • One: When you check in, ask the front desk about their policies for non toxic treatment of their rooms (you can ask for a copy of their recent records).
  • Two:  If you have any concerns, get friendly with housekeeping and gently inquire about how your room is maintained.
  • Three: Check your bed mattress when you arrive looking for any signs of beg bugs or their skins and feces–bed bugs hide in the seams of the mattress as well as the box spring. Visual inspection does work.
  • Four: Spray with a non-toxic product like Nature-Cide Bed Bug or All-Purpose formulas, a non-toxic, 100 percent natural remedy.
  • Five: Spray your suitcase(s) and other carry ons whenever arriving via airplane, automobile or train. A traveler should also spray around the perimeter of all pieces of luggage right after packing.

Tip One is sound advice worth following, whether you pack bug spray or not. Don’t be embarrassed by the question, because bed bug bites will ruin your night’s sleep. You can also bring those bed bugs home with you in your luggage. Yikes.

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