(Dog) Food for Thought

When you’re a kid your parents tell you not to feed the family dog “people” food. As an adult you often see people cooking people food just for their dogs. Who is right?

According to dog food maker Royal Flush Havanese, dogs do need their own food.

The company recently took to task some common myths regarding dog nutrition:

Myth 1. A dog has the soul of a wolf.

A dog is a Not a wolf! A healthy dog has evolved genetically to digest carbohydrates and in fact a dog’s nutritional needs are far different than a wolf’s dietary needs. Do not use grain free food unless directed by the Veterinarian! This can result in too much protein in the diet which can lead to kidney problems. This would be an appropriate diet if a dog has been diagnosed with allergies to grains.

Myth 2. Gluten free is good for people and good for dogs.

Gluten free diets are for people with Celiac disease. There is no evidence that a gluten free diet is good for a dog unless he is part of a small group of Irish Setters who suffer from gluten intolerance.

Myth 3. Cooking for a dog shows love.

Wrong again. Billions of dollars are spent on researching the best ingredients and best macronutrient percentages for the needs of different dogs. There is a specific need for a certain percentage of protein, carbohydrate and fat to keep a dog healthy. Unless these percentages are strictly adhered to, serious damage can be caused to a dog’s internal organs, temperament and physical growth.

Myth 4. Big name brand pet food companies always provide safe food.

Check out the FDA dog food recall lists before buying. Most big brands have made it onto the list at one time of another.  Life’s Abundance has never had a recall, is made in the US, products are always made from human grade ingredients and Royal Flush Havanese believes these are the best products for healthy dogs, cats and humans.”

Now, the cynics among us would say, “sure, a dog food company is telling us to feed dog food to our dogs. Color me surprised.” It’s a fair point.

On the one hand, psychologists do warn us against “projecting” human qualities onto our pets – and this should extend to nutrition.

Then there are veterinarians, who pretty much unanimously recommend feeding our dogs a quality dog food.

So, just because Royal Flush Havanese is being self-serving with their advice, doesn’t mean that it’s not good advice.

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