Do You Buy Birthday Presents for Your Pet?

A recent Harris Poll explored the various ways in which Americans treat their pets just like human family members.

For instance, 95% of pet owners now consider their pets to be members of the family.

Forty five percent say they’ve frequently or occasionally bought birthday presents for their pets. This is way up from 2007, when only 37% did.

Women (70%) are more likely than men (58%) to say they occasionally buy holiday presents for their pets.

In terms of age, Millennials are more likely than older folk to buy their pets birthday presents, and to dress their pets in some type of clothing from time to time.

Three in ten (31%) even cook especially for their pets from time to time. Most (71%) let their pets sleep with them occasionally.

It’s never been uncommon to hear someone say that their pet was, “like a member of the family,” but if these survey results are to be believed, the statement is becoming truer all the time.

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