Digital Commerce App from Visa Finds Now Used by 10 U.S. Credit Unions

Visa has created an issuer-branded mobile commerce solution called the Visa Digital Commerce App, which ten credit unions have adopted for their members, CU Times reported last week.

CU Times’ Roy UrricoJune said that more than 40 U.S. financial institutions, including 10 CUs, have decided to use the app.

Visa has put together a powerful app that offers members real-time account balance information, card controls, accountholder alerts about recent transactions or fraud concerns, and token services for contactless payments.

UrricoJune points out that, Visa is moving fast to accommodate transformation of payments from plastic to digital.

The company has launched the Visa Token Service and the Visa Developer Platform toward that end.

Third party apps like the Visa Digital Commerce App are a welcome development for CUs, most of whom are just too small to develop their own mobile technology.

With this technology, CU members access the same powerful mobile options that the big banks offer.

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