Did You Sleep In this Weekend?

We’ve just experienced the “Fall Back” phase of our annual Daylight Savings Time ritual, and many Americans used the opportunity to sleep in on Sunday. Were you among them?

With Daylight Savings Time’s end, people get an “extra hour” for one night each year. This gives them two choices: stay out a bit later, or sleep in. This year, it meant extending the Halloween revelry for another night, or recovering from it with a little extra sleep on Sunday.

New England furniture store Bernie & Phyl’s surveyed around 1,300 Boston area residents before the weekend, about their plans for the extra hour. Around one-third (34 percent) simply expected to wake up an hour earlier.

However, 38% said they planned to sleep for another hour on Sunday. Only 11% planned to stay out an hour later on Saturday night.

By now we all know what we would do. It’s safe to say that many people forgot about the change in time, and were confused by waking up too early on Sunday. For many others, it was a much-appreciated extra hour of Sunday sleep.


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