China Advises Drastic Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

A new report from China Daily – a media company run by the Chinese government – shows just how alarming the spread of coronavirus has become, and outlines some of the lifestyle measures being recommended to halt the deadly disease.

The New York Times, citing Chinese health officials, reported Thursday that 563 people had died from the virus, a respiratory illness. There are over 28,000 confirmed cases of the infection, which has been shown to spread from person to person. Coronavirus may become pandemic.

China Daily has produced a series of slides, with simple (but drastic) instructions for citizens.

Under “Tips to prevent novel coronavirus”, the series advises people to ventilate and disinfect in advance of commuting and to self-quarantine at home for 14 days if they express symptoms of illness. During quarantine, people are advised to live separately from family members.

The Chinese government has been criticized for its handling of the crisis. The Times reports that the Communist government has now clamped down on the news media and the internet, in an apparent effort to control the narrative about the crisis.

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