Companies Are More Willing to Negotiate Perks than They Used to Be

Companies are fighting to keep their most talented people on board, and are more willing to negotiate perks in order to do so.

A recent poll of chief financial officers by staffing firm Robert Half showed that finance chiefs have become used to negotiating perks such as health club memberships and extra vacation days.

CFOs believe that health and wellness benefits are what current and potential employees prize most. However, workers interviewed said they would prefer to have additional vacation days.

But the main takeaway of this survey is these types of perks have become more negotiable in recent years.

In fact, 40% of CFOs said they had a greater willingness to discuss these benefits than they did a year ago. Only 6% said they were less open.

For their part, 43% of workers interviewed said that their companies had become more willing to negotiate perks, while just 5% thought that these things were less likely to be on the table.

While companies will still try to control direct expenditures (such as salaries), they will be flexible about things that can be mostly kept off the books.

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