The Average Price per Bag of Freshly Roasted Coffee is $16.90: According to MyFriendsCoffee Study

The average price of a bag of freshly roasted coffee is $16.90. And the average cost of a cup of this coffee made at home is $0.74, according to coffee blog MyFriendsCoffee’s new U.S. coffee roaster study.

The main goal of their research was to better understand a certain segment of the U.S. coffee market: freshly roasted coffee sold by roasters.

For the study, MyFriendsCoffee analyzed the sites of 481 U.S. coffee roasters. The analysis was carried out between Feb. 1 and March 30, 2021.

They paid attention to the price per pack of freshly roasted coffee, as well as to the products and services that roasters offer to their customers.

Here’s what the team found after analyzing the data:

Roasters offer an average of 12 types of coffee. This includes both blends and single-origin coffee from different countries with unique roasting profiles.

This means coffee connoisseurs will find something they love from most roasters.

Of course, the number of coffees offered by roasters is lower than the number found at stores, but roasters offer gourmet coffee, so taste—not quantity—is paramount.

Throughout the process of getting gourmet coffee from farms to customers’ cups, special attention is paid to production.

66.1% of roasters have coffee shops. At these shops, customers can taste various coffees before choosing which beans to buy and brew at home.

Roasters have an average of three coffee shops. When a roaster has multiple points of sale, its freshly roasted coffee is more accessible to customers.

76.3% of roasters offer a coffee subscription. By choosing a subscription, consumers can make sure they always have the right amount of freshly roasted coffee at home. Coffee subscriptions make freshly roasted gourmet coffee more accessible to shoppers, especially to those who don’t have a local roaster in their city.

Wholesale coffee beans are offered by 78.2% of roasters. These roasters are open to partnerships with coffee shops, bakeries, and stores that are looking to expand their range of freshly roasted coffee.

MyFriendsCoffee is a coffee blog that has been featured in Forbes, Daily Coffee News, HuffPost, Time, and several other major media outlets.

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