Christmas is Safest Holiday to Drive, Analysis Shows

For the fifth year, analyzed crash statistics and fatalities occurring on 18 holidays throughout the year to determine the deadliest holidays for driving.

Some of the highlights include:

Memorial Day and Labor Day were the deadliest holidays

Christmas and Ash Wednesday were the least deadly

There were 974 fatal crashes during the Christmas holiday period within our three-year study period

That is 12.4% below the holiday average

Christmas took this year’s No. 1 spot for the safest holiday, but it hasn’t always been one of the safest holidays for driving.

In 2016, the first year conducted this study, Christmas didn’t even land in the top five safest holidays.

But over the years, it got safer. For the last two years the study was conducted, Christmas was the safest holiday for driving.

The study also found that drunk driving accounted for as much as 38% of fatal crashes during holidays, while up to 52% of traffic deaths during holidays involved someone not using a seat belt.

Laura Adams, MBA, and nationally-recognized money expert with, says, “Traffic spikes, drunk driving, and stressed drivers contribute to road risks during the holidays. Even though our study found that Christmas is a relatively safe holiday, there are still 325 fatal crashes during that holiday period per year. So drivers should be cautious, avoid distractions, and insist that everyone in their vehicle wears seat belts.”

Adams also mentions that avoiding crashes and traffic tickets is one of the best ways to prevent your auto insurance premium from going up. “Insurers reward drivers with clean records because they’re less risky. That means good drivers qualify for discounts and enjoy significant savings.”

Aside from avoiding distractions while driving, safety experts suggest planning accordingly before hitting the road. Check your route ahead of time and give yourself extra time in case the roads are more crowded.

Be alert and take breaks if you are tired. Experts also suggest making sure your car insurance is up to date and you have all necessary documents in your car, like your car insurance card and vehicle registration.

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