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5 Lessons to Teach Kids About Money, from myFICO

Keeping your child safe and healthy is only the beginning of your journey as a parent. It’s also your job to help your son or daughter develop the many skills they’ll need to navigate the world as an adult, according to the credit score experts at myFICO.


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COVID-19 Testing in Schools

New products are making it possible to test schoolchildren for COVID-19 right in the classroom.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a nationwide testing program designed to support U.S. efforts to return to in-person classroom instruction.

This program, developed in partnership with Color Health, Inc., a California…

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Many Student’ Grades Improved During Remote Learning, Poll Finds

Despite the coronavirus pandemic shuttering classrooms around the country and kids transitioning to remote learning, a recent survey commissioned by math learning app Photomath found that 56% of kids under the age of 18 saw their grades improve according to their parents.

The nationwide survey by OnePoll queried…

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What Credit Score Do You Need to Get a Student Loan? FICO Knows.

College tuition costs are at historic highs, leaving most students with no option but to take out loans to pay for higher education. Yet, not every would-be student borrower will be approved for the full range of loans they’ll need. The credit score experts at FICO are providing…

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