4 Tips to Get Your Credit Ready for a New Car Loan

When you’re buying a new car, a little upfront research can often save you a lot of money. Looking around for an affordable make and model with reasonable insurance costs is a good place to start. Shopping for the best deal on your vehicle of choice can be a…

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How Do Credit Card Debt Management Plans Work? myFICO Offers the Facts.

When you’re struggling with credit card debt, rising balances on your monthly statements and collection calls can add to your anxiety. However, you don’t have to face your creditors alone, according to the experts at myFICO.

Many credit counseling agencies offer debt management plans (DMPs), which allow a…

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Unable to Pay Your Taxes? MoneyRates Offers Advice on What to Do Next.

Americans are in the throes of tax filing season and some may be worrying about the ability to pay their tax bill.

Personal finance site MoneyRates.com offers suggestions and guidance to those struggling to pay Uncle Sam.

“Taxpayers should not panic if they find themselves in this…

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How Love Lost Can Impact Your Credit Report

Getting a divorce is often a painful experience, and not just for the obvious reasons, according to a new report from myFICO.

As you navigate the complicated emotions of the breakup, there are some logistical matters you should manage as well.

It might not be the first thing that comes…

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Retirement Savings Tips for Each Generation, from T. Rowe Price

The retirement specialists at T. Rowe Price have published steps investors, in each generation, can take to secure a stronger financial position for their future retirement:

Millennials: Ages 24-39

It is critical that millennials start saving for their long-term goals—especially retirement—as soon as possible. Younger…

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