Giving Lasts a Lifetime with Habitat for Humanity

This season, Habitat for Humanity reminds us that it helped 3.5 million more people improve their housing conditions over the past year.

Habitat for Humanity began in 1976 as a grassroots effort on a community farm in southern Georgia. The Christian housing organization has since grown to become a…

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Fewer Homeowners ‘Underwater’

Fewer U.S. homeowners are in negative equity, (or ‘underwater’) on their homes these days, though Atlanta still has some problems to overcome in this area, according to some new figures from online real estate seller Zillow.

Negative equity occurs when the amount owed on a home mortgage loan exceeds…

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Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent

Before you can choose a real estate agent, it helps to be clear about the ideal qualities you want that person to have. Social search engine is making that a bit easier this week with the release of a new survey. – which connects real estate professionals…

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