CEO Confidence Returns

CEOs greeted the New Year with renewed confidence, according to a new report from The Conference Board.

The Board’s Measure of CEO Confidence increased sharply in the fourth quarter of 2016 after declining a bit in the third quarter.

CEOs’ assessment of both current and near-term economic conditions…

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Prepare for The Branded Emoji

Emoji’s provide you with a way of personalizing your messages, conveying emotion in pictures and otherwise making messages more fun. So of course corporate America wants in on the act.

Prepare for the age of the “Branded Emoji.”

Picture this: you’re messaging back and forth with a friend…

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Sustainability is Profitable for Companies

Companies have been engaging in sustainability initiatives in recent years, and going out of their way to report on them. Cynics see these moves as pure public relations puffery, but some new data suggests that sustainability may in fact be profitable.

The Conference Board, in a new research report, finds…

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These Southeast States Are Tops with CEOs

In a recent poll from the Chief Executive Group, U.S. CEOs picked the best state in the country for business. States in the Southeast dominated the top 5.

While Texas was picked as the top state for business, the next five were Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Louisiana…

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Women Start Businesses at Twice the Rate Men Do

Women are taking the lead when it comes to starting businesses. However, far too few of the businesses they start crack through the $1 million revenue barrier. Some new research points at ways to remedy that situation.

Professional services firm EY said that its EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program conducted…

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