Cat Games

A new mobile game allows players to “win” cat litter, which is then donated to animal shelters.

The company that has developed this innovative new means of cat philanthropy, World’s Best Cat Litter, said that its new game – called PURRRSUIT – is a way to give back to your furry loved ones.

According to the company, “Available for free download as an app for iOS and Android devices, or for computer play at, PURRRSUIT challenges cat lovers to “pet” animated cats to make them purr. By keeping all the cats happy, players advance through the levels and donate more litter.”

Individuals can play the game now and are encouraged to play as much as possible to ensure shelters receive the maximum donation.

The PURRRSUIT game is part of World’s Best Cat Litter’s GiveLitter charity, which it said has donated more than 486,000 pounds of free litter to shelters across the country.

World’s Best Cat Litter allowed local pet stores to nominate the shelters that they wanted to benefit from this round.

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This sounds like a nice, engaging way of drumming up donations.

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