Cardless Cash Comes to Credit Unions

A Co-Op that services thousands of credit unions will soon offer the security of “Cardless Cash” to CU members across the country.

Cardless Cash is a product of banking technology firm FIS. It’s an interoperable platform for banks, credit unions, ATM operators and networks to provide consumers with “quick, simple and secure” access to their money.

It is designed to protect consumers by reducing risk of card skimming and shoulder surfing, both of which are on the rise at ATMs.

Using the FIS Mobile Banking with TouchID option, customers securely access their funds and authorize the amount they want without inserting a plastic card into an ATM.

Hence, “cardless cash.”

To expand the availability of this service, FIS has partnered with CO-OP Financial Services – a network that provides CU members across the country with surcharge-free ATM access nationwide.

With this service, more CU members will be able to access that nationwide ATM network without putting their accounts at risk.

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