Caliber of Freelance Creative Talent Is Rising, According to Survey

Apprehensive about hiring gig workers for your creative marketing projects? Consider this: About four in 10 advertising and marketing executives (39 percent) surveyed by staffing firm The Creative Group said the freelance creative talent pool has grown stronger.

In addition, more than half of respondents (58 percent) reported that their company does employ project professionals. Among these organizations, about 14 percent of staff work on a freelance basis.

The research shows small agencies (20-49 employees) rely most heavily on project professionals: 23 percent of their employees, on average, are freelancers. In comparison, about 8 percent of staff at large companies (1,000+ employees) are project professionals.

Top Obstacles When Hiring Freelancers (and How to Overcome Them)

Advertising and marketing executives were also asked to share their greatest challenge when working with creative freelancers. The top response was making them feel like part of the team (25 percent), followed by negotiating pay rates (22 percent).

Finding skilled freelancers and communicating or collaborating effectively with them (19 percent) tied for the third most-pressing concern.

The survey was developed by The Creative Group and conducted by an independent research firm. It includes responses from more than 400 advertising and marketing executives in the United States.

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