Five Tips to Keep Your Business Thriving Digitally During COVID-19 Shutdown, from True North Social

Los Angeles digital agency True North Social is sharing Five Tips for keeping your businesses digitally productive during the coronavirus shutdown: 

1. People are home, and they are shopping online.

No one wants to go into a public place if they can avoid it. Consumers who are used to consuming, and still have the means, are prepped for digital spending.  E-commerce brands should have ads ready to coincide.

2. Take Advantage of the “work from home” users

Currently there are 113 million Instagram accounts active in the US. In a 2018 survey, 29% of US workers said they could work from home without any issues. Double that number during this pandemic and you get a potential 65.5 million people staying home using their devices and reachable with your message/product.

3. Stay the course

In the words of the 1999’s comedy classic, Galaxy Quest, “Never Give Up. Never Surrender.”  Even if your business is shut down temporarily you can keep its message alive online. Positivity is an immune booster. Pivot and be creative. When the dust settles, plan to come out kicking. 

4. Do all those digital marketing tasks you’ve been meaning to

You definitely have a website, have you posted a blog recently? Maybe do two?

We know you listen to podcasts. If you always thought, “I could do that” – draft useful info from your field of expertise; set up a microphone and post your audio links to social media!  

Haven’t yet spent money reaching out to Influencers?  They’re home now too.  Direct message targeted influencers and get some conversations going.

5. Try new avenues to increase your reach.

Did you know for about $20; you can reach around 18,000 Facebook users? You have time now to test and scale ads – and reach people hiding from the virus. 

Need to spruce up or create Facebook ads?  Try apps like Mojo, Story Art, or Unfold.  Did you know video on Facebook has a whopping 86% higher reach than YouTube?

Google too complicated for you? Third party tools like SEM Rush are user friendly and can help you determine keywords that are less competitive, thus less expensive to compete over.

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