Bosses: Millennials Are Ready for Leadership

There’s a lot of “polite discussion” about this huge new Millennial generation. Do they have a good work ethic? Are they too immersed in social media and a culture “me, me me”? In short, are they ready to lead this nation?

We got part of the answer recently when staffing firm Robert Half released the results of a poll it recently took of U.S. chief financial officers (CFOs).

According to the results, the bosses of today believe that the Millennials are ready to be the bosses of tomorrow.

In fact, 85% of the CFOs interviewed expressed confidence that their millennial employees, (born between 1978 and 1999), possess management potential.

This is a ringing endorsement.

Apparently, most of these CFOs are part of organizations that provide onsite training (60%), opportunities to attend conferences, seminars and webinars (57%) and mentoring programs (55%).

That last one is especially important. Mentors have been vital to the future success of professionals for generations.

Overall, the results of this survey are encouraging because, ready or not, here come the Millennials.

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