Boomers, Millennials Drive Demand for Healthy Eats

An interesting partnership between young and old is driving demand for healthier food options — and big business is really taking notice.

Surveys show that Baby Boomers and Millenials are the generations most concerned about healthy eating. What’s interesting is how business looks at their cross-generational similarities. You see, Baby Boomers have the money, but Millennials determine future trends and markets.

So, for the big food companies the incentive has never been greater to offer fresher, more natural options. There’s a lot of opportunity now, and in the future.

Packed Facts recently took the look at this phenomenon, and their findings could be expressed in terms of Money and Future:

The Big Money –Baby Boomers are said to control 70% of U.S. disposable income. This drives current demand, and has a lot to do with the current product strategies of big food companies. What Boomers want, are healthier options in grocery stores and restaurants.

The Future – Meanwhile, it is the Millennial generation that these companies are the most intensely interested in, since they represent the next seven decades of food trends in the country. All of this attention on the Millennials has discovered that they want many of the same things that Boomers want.

For food companies, this similarity between the “money generation” and the “future generation” spells opportunity.

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