Nearly 45% of Polled Parents Remain Uncertain About Back-to-School Plans, According to Brad’s Deals Survey

44.7% of the parents remain uncertain about whether their children will be educated in-person, virtually or via a hybrid of former options in the fall, according to a new survey from online deals and discounts provider Brad’s Deals.

Brad’s Deals’ new consumer study that looked at current back-to-school shopping behaviors and expectations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of the parents polled about the back-to-school situation their family finds themselves in due to the pandemic, 55.7% find it more important to save money this academic year than the previous year. 

Other insights from those polled included:

66.3% expect to spend up to $300 on school supplies and uniforms.

64.8% plan to shop e-commerce stores and deal websites rather than in store.

81.3% are shopping for supplies before school starts.

79.1% cite free shipping offers are of more importance than in 2019-2020.

73.6% opt for laptops to assist with virtual school needs over tablets, desktops.

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