Avoid Holiday Disasters

With Americans spending more time at home this year it’s more important than ever to take precautions to keep the home safe and healthy.

AAA Service, a provider of plumbing, heating and electrical service to the Denver area, is offering several tips to help area homeowners have a safe and comfortable holiday season.

“Holidays can be chaotic between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so preparing your house may be one of the last things on your mind,” said Mike Callella, operations manager of AAA Service. “But, making sure your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems are maintained can be the difference between a happy holiday season and an expensive one.”

With the added stress that comes with the holidays, AAA Service offers up these tips to make sure homes survive the holidays:

Don’t overload electrical outlets: This is one of the most common things that occurs during the holidays. Be sure to not overload outlets. This is one of the main causes of fires during the holidays. Only one high wattage appliance should be plugged into each outlet. It may also be advantageous to use extension cords or power strips with circuit breakers installed.

Dust regularly: Indoor air quality (IAQ) has been a topic for discussion since the COVID-19 outbreak. One way to improve IAQ in a home is to dust regularly. Dusting can also improve the efficiency of a heating and cooling system. Fewer dust particles will travel through a home’s ductwork and spread throughout the house.

Keep heating sources free from objects: Make sure all combustibles are at least 3 feet from heat sources, especially fireplaces. These items include gifts with wrapping paper, a Christmas tree, curtains and anything else that can easily catch fire.

Be mindful of what is flushed down the drain: Fats and cooking oils solidify in pipes and choke drains. Paper towels and sanitary wipes will not dissolve like toilet paper and can create clogs even when wet. Kitty litter should also be avoided because its clay-like nature can create major plumbing issues.

Make sure the water heater runs properly: To keep a water heater running properly, flush out the system at least once a year. Sediment that builds up on the bottom of the tank can reduce the amount of water the tank can hold, reducing the efficiency of the unit.

Also, check the water temperature on your unit. It should read between 115-120 degrees Fahrenheit. Exceeding 125 degrees may create a scalding hazard.

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