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Another Mortgage Rate Hike Hits

Interest rates were up again last week on 30-year fixed, 15-year fixed and 5/1 ARM mortgage loans, according to new data from Bankrate.

The average interest on a 30-year fixed loan climbed from 4.44% the last week of November to 4.55% by December 5…

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Prepare Yourself for Tax Season

With the 2013 tax year ending soon, it’s a good time to review your options. A California company called has prepared some handy tips for having the least taxing experience possible this year.

The company cautions that, while tax rates for most people are unchanged for 2013…

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Help Your Elderly Family Members Avoid Financial Hassles

The modern, high-tech world of personal finance can be a minefield for many older Americans. If you have elder family members and friends who sometimes get confused, or frustrated, with the dizzying pace of change in banking, here’s how you can help.

For many older Americans, the banking…

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Americans Plan on Keeping Holidays Homey This Year

A new survey from credit card issuer Discover finds that Americans are looking to keep things simple, (and cheap), this holiday season.

Americans plan on entertaining at home and are even willing to ask their guests contribute, the survey found. Around half plan on hosting their Thanksgiving and Christmas day…

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Business Lending Up for New York Credit Unions

Credit unions in New York have really stepped up to help businesses over the last year, according to new data from the Credit Union Association of New York.

The association said that business loans comprised 14.3% of all loans at New York CUs by the end of June. This…

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Houston CU Pioneers New Interactive ATMs

A Houston credit union said it is the first institution in Texas to roll out a new interactive ATM technology from NCR. According to both organizations this is the first ATM that not only allows users to talk to a teller at the CU branch, but also allows the teller…

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Lehmann: Credit Unions Didn’t Cause the Financial Crisis

A new op-ed piece by journalist R.J. Lehmann gets right up in the face of big banks lobbying to take away the tax-exempt status of CUs by reminding everyone of who did – and didn’t – cause the financial crisis in the U.S.

Lehmann, writing in Politix…

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Credit Unions Band Together on $100 Million Solar Power Lending Initiative

Massachusetts-based Digital Federal Credit Union said it will lead a consortium of 36 credit union partners formed to support the residential loan program of California-based solar systems provider SunPower. The program may provide up to $100 million in loans for residential solar projects in the US.

According to…

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