Are You Making Enough Money?

Most of us would like to make more money, and some of us probably should be making more. One way to gauge whether you are due a raise is to see what other people are making in your field. This week, we have some new salary data for accounting and finance professionals from staffing specialist Robert Half.

Robert Half’s 2015 Salary Guide for accounting and finance professionals is useful for professionals at just about every stage of their careers. Data is broken down by industry, and there are formulas for customizing the salary ranges for local markets.

You can access a PDF of the Guide here

Chief Financial Officers are at the top of the salary heap in this field, with CFOs in the biggest companies making from $291,250 – $465,750 per year. However, CFOs at companies with less than $50 million in annual sales make considerably less, at $102,250 – $151,750 per year.

Tax accountants at midsize companies with up to one year of experience make from $46,000-$57,000 per year. Those with 1-3 years of experience make from $53,000 to $69,500 per year, while managers make $80,000 – $108,500 per year.

If those accountants work in New York City, they’d make 139% of those salaries, while those who work in Appleton, Wisconsin typically make 85% of those salaries.

As you can see, the Guide allows you to hone in, and get an accurate sense of what professionals who do your job – in your city – are making. Robert Half publishes similar guides for Administrative, Legal and Creative professionals.

Look around for a similar guide for your profession. (They’re often compiled by industry associations). Knowing what others with your experience are making can really help you make the case for a raise.

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