An App for Nervous Parents

When their child gets sick, new parents want access to a doctor and they want it right away. A new Smartphone app offers them immediate peace of mind.

This app comes from Philips Avent, and it’s called uGrow. It now gives parents immediate video access to healthcare providers with a telehealth feature.

The app comes as a result of a partnership between Philips and American Well – a U.S. telehealth provider that connects millions of consumers with care professionals through video visits.

It will enable users to gain remote access to a large database of providers through the Philips Avent uGrow app platform.

The uGrow app helps parents track their baby’s development and get insights based on their development and routines.

With the addition of telehealth technology provided by American Well to the uGrow app, parents can connect directly via video call to doctors and healthcare professionals, 24/7.

The app will offer healthcare professionals specializing in children and adult health, as well as lactation consultants and mental health professionals. Telehealth is covered by many insurance plans or can be paid for out of pocket.

The Philips Avent uGrow app with telehealth provided by American Well is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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