An Aging Population…of Pets

Humans aren’t the only population group that’s aging in America. Pets are also living longer, and having some of the special needs that advanced age can bring.

A new report from Packaged Facts finds that U.S. retail sales of senior, weight management and special needs (SWM) pet products rose by 21% from 2010 to 2015.

Special foods make up the overwhelming majority of that sales growth. These days, there are all sorts of senior-focused foods and supplements available for pets.

Many of the SWM products follow today’s “wellness” trend toward natural ingredients and whole foods – yet, Packaged Foods said that senior-focused products can be a tough sell.

The company speculates that maybe, at a time when people are taking a holistic approach to health and eating, products that are narrowly focused on special needs may be greeted with suspicion.

Either that, or perhaps pet owners are in denial about their pet’s advancing age. After all, humans have a tendency to be in denial when it comes to aging. Maybe they’re applying the same thinking to their pets.

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