American Workers Are Vacation Challenged

A depressing new study finds that many Americans don’t get enough vacation days, and many are shy about taking the ones they do get.

Staffing firm Accountemps conducted a nationwide survey, and found that one-third of professionals (33 percent) feel they don’t have enough vacation time.

Worse yet, many Americans are nervous about taking time off from work. Some of the reasons they cite:

“* 41 percent have not taken a vacation or have taken fewer days off because they were concerned about the amount of work that would await them when they returned.

* 35 percent took fewer or no days off because they worried about their colleagues absorbing their workload.

* 41 percent admit to checking in with the office at least once or twice a week while on holiday.

* 36 percent of employees ages 18 to 34 check in at least once or twice a day – perhaps a sign of the times for millennials who grew up more connected.”

It’s not necessarily the bosses’ fault, either: nearly half (48%) of the workers told Accountemps that their managers encouraged them to take time off, while a nearly equal amount (47%) had managers who neither encouraged nor discouraged them to take time off.

These findings show that workers are, if anything, more concerned about letting down their teammates by taking time off than disappointing the boss.

On a (slightly) more encouraging note, 37 percent of men, and 21 percent of women, plan to take more vacation days this summer.

At least some people want to have a vacation.

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