Premium-Flights Promises “More Business and First Class Deals Than You Can Imagine”

The pandemic has put a drag on all forms of air travel – but this may change as the vaccines roll out. We could see flights added, and prices hiked. However, Premium-Flights say they still see great deals on business and first-class travel.

Premium-Flights offers an interactive website that posts surprisingly affordable first and business class airfares for seasoned flyers. There are updated sale fares posted so you don’t have to try and catch the lowest fare on an airline’s website at 1 am Monday or Wednesday morning.

They don’t sell tickets, but rather highlight the most cost-effective First and Business Class Flights and link you to lower fares for the flights and class you choose.

If you think of yourself as a discriminating and selective flyer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by First Class and Business Class Deals from Europe and North America.

For example, if you are going to Europe from North America you could pay as low as $1,090 or Business Class from the USA to South American for $570.

Premium-Flights has recently added an app to its portfolio, for iOS and Android, with an integrated search function and push notifications for extra cheap real-time deals.

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