A Great Idea, Under the Tree

Who among us hasn’t struggled with Christmas trees? We bring these bulky, shedding masses of pine into our homes each year, only to have them standing joyously in our way for a few weeks. Why can’t someone make it easier to live with them?

Well, someone has. A Canadian inventor named Martin Schenk has come up with a product that will save us a lot of aggravation – and may even help us to avoid burning down the house.

Pure Genius

Schenk’s invention is called Treemote – a wireless, Christmas tree-shaped remote that can control holiday lights up to 80 feet away.

That’s right, it’s a remote control for your Christmas tree. Brilliant! Why hasn’t someone come up with it before now?

After all, most of us have been the unlucky soul designated as the Christmas tree light plugger/unplugger. This usually involves wrestling our way in behind the tree, and trying to not knock it over, dislodge precious ornaments or crush presents as we fumble the light plug in and out of the socket.

Often, the hassle of turning off the Christmas tree lights causes us to just leave them on all night and day. Ask your local fire department how often this leads to tragic consequences.

With Treemote, turning the lights on or off becomes a simple process.

A Wireless Remote for Christmas Tree Lights, And Other Things

According to its maker, Treemote is simple to install and easy to use.

Already proven in test markets, Treemote is being rolled out in markets across America. Treemote is available for purchase online and on store shelves nationwide for a MSRP of $19.99.

It can even be used beyond the holiday season on hard-to-reach lights or other small appliances.

For more information on Treemote, please visit www.Treemote.com.

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