A Book for Crazy Dog People

An author that calls himself a “Dogtologist” has written a book devoted to “crazy dog people.” You may be one of them if:

You’ve ever bailed on a date so your dog doesn’t have to be home alone too long.

Your Facebook and Instagram posts include more pictures of your dog than of the humans in your family?

That’s the way author Jeff Lazarus characterizes some of the qualities seen in people whose devotion to their pooches borders on the fanatical.

Lazarus said he was inspired to write his new book, DOGTOLOGY, based on his experiences with Roamy, a stray dog he adopted. He believes that his attachment to Roamy is shared by more than 70 million people.

According to Lazarus, may be one of them if – in addition to the aforementioned signs of “Dogtology:”

  • “You happily purchase expensive “gourmet” treats such as “pupcakes” and “tail mix bars” for your hound while you’re livin’ off ramen.
  • You give holiday gifts to and from your dog — and spend more time getting them exactly right than you do for your gifts for humans.
  • You relentlessly e-mail, Facebook post, and Pinterest pin dog photos, dog-toons, dog videos and dog PowerPoint slideshows to everyone on your contact list.
  • Your dog groomer knows that the concept of “drop the dog off’ does not apply to you, and you are allowed to wait in the staff lounge where you are given status reports every 15 minute|
  • You understand the sole purpose for which cell-phone cameras were invented: to capture cunning and hilarious shots of dogs behind the steering wheels of cars … wearing sunglasses … and outfitted in their finest Scottish beanies.”

Do these examples sound familiar? Do they describe you, or someone you know? Chances are, they do – so perhaps Lazarus is on to something. You can find out more at DOGTOLOGY.

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