Your Dream Getaway, If Money Was No Object

Where would you go if money were not an issue? Would you go to into space, or visit the wreck of the Titanic? Believe it or not, most people have rather humble dreams.

According to Bankrate blogger, U.S. adults would most want to vacation in Hawaii and Italy.

That’s right, even if money were not an issue. found that the most popular domestic destinations are Hawaii, Florida, California, Alaska and Colorado.

This survey also found that 47% of American adults would go on vacation alone (28% have already done so and 19% would be open to it someday).

“Traveling solo is an enriching opportunity that we’re seeing many young adults gravitating towards,” Sarah Berger, founder of, says. “Maximize your money by using travel credit cards to book your next adventure. You can score sweet rewards like discounted flights and hotel perks, while often avoiding foreign transaction fees.”

For some reason, Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to voyage by themselves.

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