You’ll Be So Jealous of Your Dog

There’s a new dog treat on the market that’s so appetizing you may be tempted to eat them yourself. Their called Wild Hare Ears for Dogs.

Of course we’re joking; these things are gross. They look exactly like what they are: ears hacked from the heads of bunny rabbits (or rather, hares).

But their maker, Free Raised Pet Products, insists that dogs love them.

As the company puts it, “Dogs are historically carnivores and let’s face it; factory-produced biscuits aren’t satisfying your dog’s most basic and primal needs. So, Free Raised Pet Products is proud to offer its limited-edition Wild Hare Ears.”

“Wild Hare Ears are hypoallergenic, odor-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, and most importantly, chemical-free.”

“That’s right, a non-GMO, all-natural, single-ingredient, low-fat, high-protein treat that just might make your dog “howl” like its ancestors.”

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