Will You Be “Workshopping” This Holiday Season?

“Workshoppers” — employees who shop online from the office using corporate devices — are rampant in the office, new research shows. According to a survey by staffing firm Robert Half Technology, nearly two-thirds of professionals said they plan to shop online from work this holiday season.

But are employers OK with it?

Over half (53 percent) of technology decision makers said they prefer employees refrain from shopping online during business hours or using a company device, even though 76 percent said their company policy allows for it.

Security risks (59 percent) and loss of productivity (35 percent) are the top concerns among tech leaders of staff using company devices for personal purchases.

Online Shopping Habits at Work  

Nearly two-thirds of employees (64 percent) said they plan to make online purchases from the office this season.

When asked how often they expect to shop while on the clock, here’s how they responded:

–   Only on Cyber Monday: 20 percent

–   Once a week: 35 percent

–   A few times per week: 36 percent

–   Nearly every day until they finish their lists: 8 percent

Here are the top 10 cities with the most “workshoppers” planning to snag online deals a few times a week during the holidays:

  1. Los Angeles (56 percent)
  2. Nashville (47 percent)
  3. Pittsburgh (47 percent)
  4. Salt Lake City (47 percent)
  5. St. Louis (45 percent)
  6. Denver (44 percent)
  7. Minneapolis (44 percent)
  8. Boston (39 percent)
  9. Detroit (39 percent)
  10. Des Moines (39 percent)

Sutton added, “It’s inevitable that some employees will use work devices for personal reasons, but with proper guidance on safe browsing practices and implementation of strong security systems, risks can be mitigated.”

So, if you workshop, you’re in good company. Just be careful.

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