Working Over the Holidays?

Will you be working right up until through the 24th? How about the week between Christmas and New Year? It seems that only a minority of us will have a long, continuous, carefree holiday.

Staffing firm Robert Half recently surveyed workers from around the U.S., and found that 59% of them plan to work at least part of the week of December 28.

Of those who are taking the week off, a full 60% will be checking in with the office.

Interestingly, Half found that men are significantly more likely to check in than women. Workers from the Northeast region are more likely than those from any other region of the country.

It could be inferred that men from the Northeast are the least likely among us to truly get away from the office over the holidays.

If you can, though, try to take some vacation time this year. Believe it or not, studies show that a relaxing vacation is a key to maintaining your productivity all year long.

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