Why South Dakota Is Considered the Best State to Grow Old In

South Dakota shows up on various lists of “great places to retire” or “best places for seniors.” Just last week it was named “best state to grow old” in a new Caring.com report. Why is this?

You would think that South Dakota’s harsh winters would knock it off the list as a great place for seniors. But apparently the state’s other great qualities make up for this one, big negative.

For instance, Caring.com said that South Dakota wins due to its mix of favorable financial, healthcare and quality of life categories.

And South Dakota isn’t the only state that seniors should consider.

For instance, Iowa hits the “sweet spot” by offering excellent care at below-average prices, Caring.com said.

South Carolina and Kansas are among the 15 states with the cheapest senior care, yet also rank in the top half for quality.

What the states that come immediately to mind when you think of retirees? According to Caring.com, Florida came in 31st overall (mostly due to below-average healthcare quality) and Arizona tied for 17th.

Keep in mind that various rankings of senior-friendly states look at such things as crime, accessibility of services and the cost of housing. However, quality and cost of healthcare is usually the top category.

You can get the full story on the Carring.com report HERE.

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