Who Is Minding the (Social Media) Store?

Social media burst on the scene around a decade ago, and many companies still haven’t figured out exactly what to do with it. For instance, many have no clearly defined role for handling the daily chore of updating company content on social media channels. But others are catching on.

The staffing pros at The Creative Group recently asked advertising and marketing executives how they handled these roles in their companies.

Most (51%) said that oversight of the organization’s social media efforts was a function of the public relations and communications department. This was up 39% in a similar study conducted in 2013.

What’s clear from this example is that social media is being integrated into the formal communications operation of these companies. In the past, many companies simply gave the job to low-level employees, or interns.

Companies are now looking for professionals with social media expertise, the survey found. Salaries are rising for professionals who have these skills.

What these results suggest is that companies of all sizes would benefit from taking their social media communications operation seriously, as an integral part of their marketing and PR efforts.

Once a funky new thing that could be “shrugged off” by managers, social media has found a permanent place in corporate communications.

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