Which Cities Have More Pet-Friendly Rentals?

Online real estate firm Realtor.com said it has tallied user data from its mobile application for rentals, and discovered some interesting things about where its users are searching most, and which cities have the most pet-friendly rental listings.

The company said that Chicago is the big winner in both categories. The Windy City ranked #1 in terms of user searches, #2 in total inventory (3,544) and a big #1 in its percentage of pet-friendly rental listings (49%).

Las Vegas beat Chicago in total inventory (4,497) but only a scant 4% of rental listings from that city were deemed pet-friendly.

Other cities in the top 10 included Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angele, Houston, Miami, Charlotte and Jacksonville. No one came close to Chicago’s pet-friendliness, with the #2 city in that category (Dallas) boasting only 28% pet-friendly listings.

Realtor.com said that its rental app is available for iOS and Android, and makes a handy tool for finding rentals in a number of cities.

It’s a good thing that the app finds pet-friendly listings, since this is an aspect of renting that can be very frustrating, expensive (or both) for renters. If you are looking to rent, don’t take it as a given that your potential landlord will be OK with you having a pet. Some will, some won’t and some will simply charge you more as security deposit.

So, make sure you get that detail sorted out before you sign any lease, or plan any moves.


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